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My Cup of Coffee

November 5, 2011
A lot of great stories are told over a cup of coffee. A lot of friendships grew while you laugh and cry over a cup of tall french vanilla cappuccino. Awkward getting-to-knows happen a lot in a coffee shop, where guy meets girl who sits alone intent in her reading and contentedly sipping her cup of coffee. 
To me coffee reminds me of my crazy friendships.
In high school, I developed a fond taste for iced cappuccino. About the same time that I completed a wonderful trio of crazy girls with big dreams and a heart to change the world. After high school we moved on to college. We all landed different majors and never really found the time in our hectic schedules. Tuesdays, however, was a different story. Tuesday was our day. For at least 2 hours of that day we the same break time. And break time would always mean bonding over a cup of coffee and some sweet treat. In 2 hours, we tried to catch up with each others lives and talk about our dreams, talk about silly things.
As college sophomore year ended it meant a lot of changes for all of us. My friends moved away to other schools that could cater to their specialization and I was left to visit the coffee shop every Tuesday. Of course Tuesdays by that time meant differently to me already. I didn’t have the time anymore. I was busy juggling so many school activities. I visited the coffee shop to get my energizer. That was coffee to me then, an energizer. Soon my motivation began to dwindle and many things were happening all at once. I didn’t have my friends on a Tuesday for a cup of coffee.
But they were always there and they still always are. Soon I faced major crisis, sever exhaustion, and my life was turned upside down. I found new friends that I realized were just there around waiting for me to let them in my life.
Student Nursing life ended and Nursing review started. My fondness for coffee returned. 10 minutes break to 20, but I was having fun, taking espresso shots or sweet and creamy coffee talking about nursing concepts and other silly things. I was living life again.
I had my girls to run to again, to hug me, to cry with me, to share my triumphs with me. Now my best friends are still the same. One of them comes back home once in a while. The other has to stay in the states for long while. I never replaced them. And for the record, they had been good friends despite the distance. They were still always there and we would talk and catch up on Facebook once in a while. I always kept their letters. All of it.
My first official date was in the restaurant beside the coffee shop my trio used to visit. He is my boyfriend now and has no fondness for coffee whatsoever. He prefers tea :)
Coffee still means much to me but I don’t drink so often now. I crave it once in a while, I’m just human. But the tears that spilled and the laughter that erupted will always remain in my heart forever.
Whatever life has given me is my cup of coffee.
 Photocredits belong to my friend Antonette Santillan-Cruz
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