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Everybody’s got an Opinion

November 8, 2011
You want opinion? Here’s what I think.

Everybody’s got them. Everybody is entitled to them.

And me? I’m opinionated too. Too much sometimes. People can’t wait to shut me up. But the thing is I’m having fun saying exactly what I think. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is a limit to it though. You can’t just go around spewing unsolicited advice and opinions. Chances are, you are going to wind up mugged or with a bullet on your head.

Opinions are subjective and biased. Everyone has a bias towards something.

If you want to put your opinions to good use, talk about something worthwhile at least. Empty barrels make the loudest noise, so the saying goes. Don’t just give out your thoughts, make them matter. Talking about other people is a waste of conversation. Nothing intelligent ever comes from criticizing your neighbor for getting a new expensive dress that you think makes her look like a frumpy mess.

Politics? Everybody talks about politics. But listen to their conversations closely. Here’s what I overheard at one dinner party, “I think the mayor is selfish and stupid” said a man. “Why do you say so?” asks another.

“Well for one, instead of investing in entertainment and hooplas of the city, they should focus more on the people! And the money! The mayor has too many projects and it is costing us in our taxes most of it only goes to their pockets!” replied the man.

Then a woman asked ” Excuse me sir, but would you have preferred the past mayor?”

The man laughed knowingly and said “The past mayor? Are you kidding me? He was a useless vegetable! He never completed any project, and the city was dirty and filled with squatters! But you know what yes, I prefer him at least, we had lower taxes.”

Ah! there you see… He is only after his own interest. Many out there share this man’s sentiments. Nothing is ever right with the government. But maybe if I asked this man, so what have you done to alleviate the problem? He would most probably answer that it is not his problem but the government or he would probably tell me that what could he do?

I don’t mind listening to other people’s opinions. Although, there is one thing that irritates me most. It is when people give their opinions and its not even their own opinion. It’s an opinion of someone else as influenced by mass media, televisions, articles and propagandist materials. Why can’t you have your own opinion? Search the facts! Get it right at least!

At one time, a classmate of mine announced how hateful and spiteful one celebrity was. She was talking about how shameful, lame and gay the singer was. That was her opinion so okay. But when I asked her why she hated this singer so much, she said “Hello! Its like everywhere! Its on the internet, its on tv, its on twitter! The guy is a f*#!” In my head, I go like: They don’t even know the story behind it. Pictures don’t lie but they are worth a thousand words. And it takes one crafty manipulator to choose the wrong word and spread out a real bad rumor. What then when it has been proven wrong? Damage has been done.

My mother always told not to hate. Especially, people I don’t know a thing about. Even when people give out there stories in the press or wherever, you still don’t know all the real deal behind it, what that person went through. I say to every story there is a plus or minus, biased.

One thing thing about propagandists is that they know exactly how to make you twitch in your chair. They put 1+1 together like it’s done deal. They know how to manipulate the facts so you will know exactly what to believe. But what about the unanswered questions? How did one lead to the other? These are works of megalomaniacs. Sure they stimulate life into a discussion, they start wars, they make life ever so interesting. Their capital? DOUBT.

Blessed are peacemakers for they will be called sons of God. Matthew5:9

If you are going to voice out your opinion:

one, Make sure your voicing your OWN opinion, not echoing what others have to say like a mindless parrot.
two, Make sure your opinions are intelligent opinions not opinions on shallow mindless things.
three, Use your opinions to bring people TOGETHER not bring them apart.
four, Add at least some objectivity to that opinion, add some real facts. If your going to talk about make sure you know enough to stand by your opinion.
five, Your opinion will always generate an opposition so SUCK IT UP. Losing your temper will only make you look funny.
six, If your going to give your opinion make sure you are prepared Mentally and Emotionally. 
seven, If you don’t have one good thing to say, or if your opinion won’t help the world in anyway. Know when to SHUT UP. Didn’t your mother ever tell you? If you can’t say something good better not say anything.
eight, Don’t act like your opinions are facts. Facts are facts. Don’t color them with opinion or worse mix them up.
nine, Your not the only one with the opinion. Let others speak their minds too. Listen with patience, you may just learn something. Don’t act like you’re authority.
and lastly, Don’t be afraid. My teacher once taught me, DON’T BE AFRAID in what you believe in. Stand up for it with conviction. No one can take away what you believe in.

Always the best advice is STOP.LOOK.LISTEN before you do anything.

…and that, my dear friends, is my long opinion on opinion XD

-Katt Chavez-

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