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I’m not Super, I’m Human and I love it that way <3

January 4, 2012
Superwoman by Alicia Keys, a random song that plays on the radio on the day I started my soul journey.

A few years ago i added this song to my iPod playlist I named, The Empowered Woman.

The night of december 31st of 2011… I was on a cab a bit lost in thought. As I was reflecting and staring out of the window, this song played and it made me smile to myself as I recall my friend telling me “you’re not a superwoman katt, you’re a superBabe” :) haha Remembering that always makes me laugh.

Reflecting further, most of my struggles came from trying to assume that role… it was always expected of me, I guess.

It is when I started to let go of the frustrations and let life take its course living one day at a time, that i became truly free within myself…

I didn’t need super relationships, super status, super control in everything.. I didn’t need super skills, super beauty,super efficiency nor a super body…

But what i do need is to live my life to the fullest…
Appreciating all that I have..
Learning from what I don’t have…
And giving my best shot, best doesn’t always mean perfect…

I’ve been organizer free for a whole year in 2011 save for my post its.. I realized i need to learn to trust people and give them credit.. I learned life’s a bitch sometimes but it’s not all that bad, it never really gets worse than you think..


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