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Friends Again, Maybe Someplace in Time

March 27, 2012

Chasing after stolen dreams,

I am wallowing knee-deep in my sorrow.

I cast away my fears and doubts,

for in the Lord’s saving grace I have placed my trust.

I only deserve what I got,

for all that this wretched heart of mine has done.

For all the injustice I have caused,

and for adding insult to injury; such is my deepest grief.

But I would rather not regret.

For regret won’t change the past.

I’d rather trudge on the road to tomorrow,

and of what is still to come.

If my past was inhospitable,

maybe my future will be bright.

If i don’t have yesterday,

at least I have tomorrow to awake to a new dawn.

I know that an apology will never be enough,

I have hurt you more that words repair.

But I know you are my friend,

and maybe someday, sometime…

together we will heal.





From → Poetry

  1. Dr. Mitsu Vaishnav permalink

    Hey really nice.. did you write it yourself ??? :)

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