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Exercise your MInd

March 29, 2012

Your mind may not be a muscle but it needs a lot of exercise.

Exercises come in forms of strengthening memory, absorbing and classifying information, formulating your thoughts, making decisions, reading and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Exercise memory. Senility is a disease supposedly affecting the old, but now it targets younger age groups. You can’t start preventing senility when you’re almost there. You have to start as early as possible. Get organized. Small things do a lot for your memory. Reading, memorizing routes, memorizing telephone numbers, doing simple additions and subtractions as often as you can. You can play memory games, or games that stimulates your brain to think like strategy games (chess, checkers, monopoly etch), as well as word games like scrabble, text twist, hangman, and yes, bookworm.

Engage in meaningful activities. Learn new things. Travel. Create new ideas. Think. Engage in meaningful conversations. Learn a new language. Try a new sport. Help others.

When you engage your brain in activities that makes use of your senses and thinking abilities, you are doing something wonderful for yourself. You are not only keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay, you are also creating lasting memories for yourself and getting self-fulfillment.

Try meaningful conversation, instead of mindless gossip. Here it involves not just your brain at work but your heart too. Be sincere. Be curious. Be concerned. If you aren’t much of a conversationalist, don’t worry you are not alone. But it doesn’t mean you can’t. You can always try to be more concerned of how your spouse’s day went or asking your kids about how they find school instead of asking for their grades. Engage in heart to heart to heart. You will be surprised at what you don’t know about the people you live with.

Try meditation. Clear your mind at least once daily. It becomes a recycle bin of problems and stress as well as of jumble of thoughts. It gives the brain a pause button. Meditation enables you to think clearer and in make decisions in a relaxed manner. It also strengthens the spirit and the heart. It renews your energy.

But the best exercise for positive living is using your senses to experience beautiful things. Thinking positive means seeing positive, talking positive, hearing positive, tasting positive, smelling positive and feeling positive. It is a habit not a one time deal. You have to live it. You have to breathe it. But what about the negative things around you? You choose how you see every situation. If you don’t train your mind to see the positive of things then you will never see a positive change in your life. Look at beautiful people, beautiful scenery, remember beautiful words, remember beautiful actions and confront negativity instead of ignoring it.

Here is another exercise I recommend: If your right handed, brush your teeth with your left hand. If you are left handed, brush your teeth with your right hand. That way you exercise both sides of the brain.



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