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Diet, Weight Loss and Exercise

March 29, 2012

I’m no expert on weight loss, or strict diets and exercises. I just simply want to live a well-rounded and happy life.

So my own personal tips?
1.NEVER LINGER too long in your bed when you wake up. Cumulatively it will make you lazier and it will be harder for you to get moving.

2. Eat WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT but do it in moderately. I’m not a fan of really strict diets because mostly it will backfire you get an ultimate craving after you diet for a long while. You will feel the need for vindication. So unless you have a disease with specific diet don’ts or you are dangerously overweight, please, it will do your body good to eat what you want to eat. Life is short so enjoy life.

3. Don’t fall for the sedentary lifestyle trap. You always have a choice to get moving. No time? What about the time you spend on TV? or on Facebook? Doing Chores? That’s exercise too! If you can’t bend habits of spending your time more in front of TV then why not exercise while your watching TV? set at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of sweat time.

4. Dance! Laugh! Sing! Go crazy! Its a lot of movement. Its exercise for the body and the heart. It pumps your body with feel good hormones called Endorphin’s. So go out! Jog, walk, bop your head to the music, move that body. Maybe join some sports with friends. Learn new moves. Basically I’m telling you to do what you love and get fit because of it.

5. Its always good to be surrounded by people who make you feel good. You will more likely succeed in your routines or work out if you keep some company. You get to share health tips, new discoveries, and put in some laughs adding to a more comfortable atmosphere :) You will most likely look forward to your next work out rather than when you do it alone.

KattChavez ♥

Oh and P.S.:) It will also do you good if you rotate your activities so you don’t get bored or stagnant. And of course, while we all want to have supermodel bodies, it won’t matter. Its better to be happy. So LET LOOSE and cut yourself some slack if you indulge yourself for one day. :)
I’d rather live life and have fun living. Now that is advice I live by.

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