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KattChavez: On Sincerity

March 29, 2012

someone today asked me: how do you know if a person is sincere..

For lack of better answer i said: i will know.. And its not about what you do or say…

I left it at that but it got me thinking. Its true I will know with my heart if a person is sincere… But the better answer to that question is:

Sincerity isnt about what others will think. Its not about them knowing that you are sincere. Because sincerity is what you feel. Only you know exactly how sincere you are and you dont have to say it. Sincerity never boasts. 
Sincerity is not the amount of effort, its not what you give, what you do or what you say. Sincerity is not counting the cost of any of those. It is giving or doing without expecting, demanding or pressuring the other to give an equal amount of effort, time or care. You do it because you want to, whole heartedly.


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