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The Power of a Smile

April 12, 2012

As you walk through the streets everyday you meet a myriad of people some you know, some are perfect strangers.

The ability to influence a life is not in being able to speak to thousands because in a thousand only a handful are listening. But more importantly it is to touch a heart, a soul; the ability to awaken minds and to push people to see beyond expectations.

The smile, it is the simplest gesture that implies acknowledgement of another human being, a gesture of friendship, an act of love and kindness, a symbol for acceptance and forgiveness. A smile can mean so many things. Such power in a simple, non threatening gesture.

A smile has the power to lift a bad mood.

It can cool a hot head.

A smile can bring about warmth to a cold heart.

It can make you fall in love.

It can forgive a person without the need for awkward words.

It can start a friendship or end a fight.

A smile can boost a low morale and dampened spirits.

A smile can win many things and many hearts.

It can soften a hard blow to the ego.

A smile can save a life of one who may be depressed and feeling alone.

It can bring people, families and friends together.

It can mend relationships and ease a broken heart.

It can brighten a dull room, color a boring world.

When I was a student nurse, I had encountered many clients with high blood pressure and most of them, anxious and irritable. One thing I always did was smile and be extra patient and kind. Soon they would be in a better mood than when they came in and I would encourage them to smile with a little cajoling, some jokes and a bit of small talk until they would finally smile. The method never fails. As minutes pass and they begin to relax and enjoy themselves their blood pressure starts to drop and stabilize. The power of a smile.

Just a smile, one person at a time, can make so much difference in such a bitter and tragic world. A smile is a symbol for peace, a symbol of kindness, empathy and humanity. Such is the power of a smile to create a better world. a better environment to live in.

A line from a movie said “You know, the world would be nice to you if only you would be nicer to the world.”



  1. amit permalink

    beautiful post

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