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Don’t Apologize for being Yourself

May 16, 2012

An apology is given when it is due, or in kind when the situation calls for it. Talking to a friend earlier who reminded me that its better to be kind than to be right, though not always.

But it is never right to be apologetic for who you are. Apologize for a fault, not for your personality and worth because our Savior paid a high price for you my dear. That is your worth, His Love, His blood and His tears.

To love truly does not condone a fault… It is to hate the sin never the sinner. There is no love in apathy, there is no care.

But you don’t go around pointing out the faults of others because it is a reflection of your denial of your own mistakes.

You don’t go around hiding in blinding riches, of phony reputations, and using religion to discriminate, judge, oppress and bully others. 

Authencity, it is never without integrity. What is integrity? Its the ability to act in prudence when no one is watching. It is who you are at the very core when no one can hear your thoughts.. That is integrity.


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  1. Hi Katt! Just want to thank you for following my blog kRiss and makeup, and I want to let you know that I’ve moved it to Hope you can also subscribe there! I will no longer write in the old one.

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