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The Stripping

April 14, 2012
Masks… Shadows…
I do not know you like I thought,
and you do not know me like you think.


Your deceit will not last.

Your many masks will be stripped off,

and the Shadows that follow you will swallow you whole

Your idea of truth is only what you create.
But the bigger Truth,
the intangible unimaginable Truth has left you to dust…
Wallow in the pit of grief you have made for yourself.
When the time comes, no one will help you,
for you have pulled their peers into your pit.
Would you not do the same to them?
Your questionable integrity left you helpless.
Your manipulation has turned against you.
An honest person stands like a rock,

Firm and strong, slowly changing, reshaping;

answering only to the beckoning of his Creator.Image

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